Health Insurance

If you’re in the market for private health insurance, you need the best advice to help you find a policy that is affordable and covers your needs.

Most people who have health insurance in the U.S. are covered by their employer, with 60% of U.S. citizens receiving some form of employer-sponsored coverage. Individual health insurance is available for people who don’t receive it from their workplace, although it’s generally more expensive and has higher deductibles than employer-provided insurance; only about 9% of Americans pay for their insurance individually.

With the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) of 2009, major changes are taking place in the insurance and health care industries. The most important piece of the law is the insurance mandate – starting in 2014, every American will be required to have basic insurance coverage.

There are many other laws and rule changes in the ACA, and individuals, employers and state governments are trying to adjust to the new reality.

To find out how to get the best insurance for your budget, and what the new law means for you, talk to one of our knowledgeable representatives today.



For rates for individual health, please visit the Connecticut Health Insurance Marketplace.