Employer has Employment Practices Liability Insurance in Derby CT

Why a Company Should Consider Liability Insurance

The sharp economic downturn in our economy has caused small business to have to face increasing amounts of  lawsuits filed by laid-off employees as companies downsize in order to survive.   This type of legal issues can present a crippling legal cost to  a company.  In response,  there has been a relatively new form of liability insurance know as Employment Practices Liability Insurance that provides an employer with protection against claims made by employees, former employees, or potential employees.  Even though business owners may be reluctant to add to their expenses, doing so with the right kind of insurance may save them from court actions that can destroy companies, particularly start ups and under capitalized businesses.  Defense costs are specifically included within the Employments Practices Liability Insurance policy’s limits.  Call to learn if this would be a wise move for your company!