Driver Making Phone Call After Traffic Accident

The Dangers of Sharing too Much Information

If the vehicle that you are driving is involved in a crash with another automobile, how much information should you share with the other driver? According to a survey conducted last year by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), many drivers are actually sharing too much information. While state laws vary, the general recommendation is that you provide only your name and auto insurance information (including the name and phone number of your auto insurance provider). However, the NAIC survey reveals that 38% of respondents thought they should share their driver’s license information, their home address (25%), and/or telephone number (29%). The NAIC warns that sharing this additional personal information makes drivers more vulnerable to identity theft and robbery.

NOTE: According to the NAIC survey mentioned above, nearly 20% of respondents believed that they should only call the police after an accident if a person is injured. However, filing a police report can help facilitate the insurance claim process regardless.