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Posted on Oct 19, 2012 in Auto, Auto Insurance

The Damage Done From Texting While Driving

The good news is that the number of motor vehicle fatalities is declining, but the sad news is that percentage deaths from disctracted driving is increasing – and that is totally preventable.   Most of this distracted driving is caused by mobile phones and in particular texting.  This is the most dangerous form because it requires not only the visual and manual skills needed for texting, but it requires congnitive distractions too and raises auto insurance rates when caught.  A driver texting is 25 times more likely to crash.  According to AAA – on a daily basis – over 1200 drivers and their passangers are injured and 25 of them are killed.  What could be so important to take your eyes, hands and mind off the road?

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Posted on Jun 4, 2012 in Auto, Auto Insurance

Texting While Driving Will Hike Your Insurance Rates

As if talking on a cell phone was not dangerous enough, now we have the issue of texting while driving, which increases the risk of an accident by four times according to a study by the Transportation Institute at Virginia Tech.  But that is 4 times greater when comparing texting to talking.  The sobering statistic:   texters or talkers are 23 times more likely to be in an accident as the drivers that has no phones at all to distract them.    The effect of reading or sending a text diverts the driver’s eyes from the road for an average of 4.6 seconds and that is the same as driving the length of a football field, blind, at 55 mph!  (US Dept. of Transportation figure)

Male Driver Texting while driving Derby CTIn CT there is no forgivness for first time offernders – the fine is $125 for first time offense, $250 second and then $400.   But more than just avoiding costly tickets, putting down the phone will also keep auto insurance rates down, and prevent injury and even deaths.

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