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Do you too operate a home based business from your home? 

Many home based businesses may involve acutal products and inventory, ie a catering business, cleaning business, ecommerce business.  It might also involve other people’s belongings such as a sewing and alternation business.   Did you know  that your homeowners insurance will probably not be covering your business equipment, an inventory loss, or liability issues?   Instead you should look into adding a “Home-business” endorsement  for your business to cover possible inventory or liability losses.   The next step up from this level of  coverage would be a “Small-business” policy that protects your business property both at home and away.  It also covers theft liability and some loss of income.  And when you build up your home based business enough to move it out and to a business location – it will be time for a  “Business-Owners policy”  that will provide even more liability coverage and expanded loss-of-income protection.  Call Barton Scott to see how to grow your business safely and with the least expensive business insurance costs – no matter which level you business is at!