If you have a dog in your home, did you know its breed could have an impact on your homeowner’s policy?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, dog-bite claims consist of a third of all  homeownerer’s liability claims.   In 2011 – the average dog bite claim cost  insurers $28,799!  Statistics show that a small percentage of breeds cause the vast majority of bites.  If you are among  the estimated 39% of American households with a canine in your family, you may want to check your breed and your coverage!  Some companies will insure households with with homeowners insurance for any breed of dog – while others might attach an “exclusion” for certain dogs or a dog that is known to have a record of biting.

Children are the most frequent victims of dog bites.  Here are ways to help a child avoid dog bites:  Always ask a dog owner’s permission for a child to pet it and let the dog sniff a closed hand before touching it.  Train your child to just stand still and be very quiet if a loose dog comes close – do not to run and scream!  Tell your child to never pet a dog when it is eating or sleeping.  A youngster should never stare into a dog’s eyes, tease a dog, or approach a chained dog.

You are always welcome to call Scott Insurance to check on your beloved Fido and your current insurance policy and remember these good tips for the children.