Renters Insurance in CT

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Homeowners understand the need to protect their livelihood by getting a comprehensive insurance policy. But what if you rent? The house or unit itself will be protected by your landlord’s insurance policy, but this policy doesn’t extend to your belongings.

If your belongings are lost or damaged due to fire, water, theft or any other mishap, you have no recourse and will be forced to pay for the replacements, as well as shoulder any living costs if your current residence is rendered uninhabitable. Having to pay for a new computer and a wardrobe while living in a hotel can put a massive dent into your savings, unless you are covered by a CT renters insurance policy.

Renters insurance can cover your personal belongings, reimburse you for living expenses such as temporary housing and food, protect you from liability in case you get sued by someone who was injured at your residence, and more. Call us to find out if renters insurance is right for you!