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Dealing With Ice Dams

Posted on Mar 11, 2014 in Home Insurance


Steps to Take When Seeing an Ice Dam

While its true that the weather has been heating up considerably (about time!) there’s a chance there are still a few winter dangers lingering around your home. The one we’re going to focus on in this post is ice dams. Ice dams form when water from melting snow re-freezes at the edge of your roof line. That’s why it’s an important issue for this time of the season since there’s a lot of melting snow. Ice dams are harmful because they can trap water on your roof instead of allowing it to drain naturally. And this can lead to damaged roofs and leaks and generally things you should try and avoid.

There are some fairly easy steps to follow if you see an ice dam forming. First, you should make sure your downspouts are clear so that your gutters are able to do their job. And you can also remove snow from your roof (or have it removed) which will help prevent ice dams altogether.

For a more in depth guide on ice dams and how to deal with them you should visit the section Travelers dedicated to the problem here.

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Insuring Collections

Posted on Jan 20, 2014 in Home Insurance

What Does Your Homeowner’s Policy Cover?


While casual hobbyists can generally rely on their homeowners policies (which typically cover personal property up to half the value of their homes) for coverage of their collections, serious collectors with valuable collections should either have riders on their homeowners policies or specialty-insurance coverage.

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Are You A Renter?

Posted on Dec 19, 2013 in Home Insurance

Have You Looked Into Renter’s Insurance?

With so many homeowners either being forced out of their homes or postponing their decision to purchase a first home during the past few years, more than the usual number are finding themselves renting. In the process, many seem to have overlooked the importance of purchasing renters insurance. According to a recent Insurance Information Institute poll, 96 percent of homeowners have homeowners insurance, but only 31 percent of renters have renters insurance. Perhaps renters without proper coverage mistakenly believe that their landlords’ insurance will protect them from loss. However, unless the owner’s negligence caused the loss, an owner’s insurance policy only provides coverage for the building and any property belonging to the owner. For everything else, renters need renters insurance.


NOTE: Renters insurance covers damage, theft, or loss of personal property, as well as personal liability coverage and damage to the apartment caused by a covered loss.

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Make It Your Business!

Posted on Nov 25, 2013 in Home Insurance

Technology Has Increased At-Home Businesses

Innovations in technology have made it possible for increasing numbers of individuals to operate small businesses from their homes. Those small business owners who have availed themselves of these new technologies should make it a priority to ensure that their liability, business equipment, inventory, and other assets and risks are insured appropriately.

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Lessons from Sandy

Posted on Nov 14, 2013 in Home Insurance

Are you Insured For Flood Damage?

Hurricane Sandy clearly brought home the utter devastation that comes with flooding. Another important reality for those actually affected is the fact that an estimated 70 percent of the homes that endured water damage due to Sandy were not insured against flooding.

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Binding Obligation

Posted on Nov 3, 2013 in Home Insurance

What to Do When Your Need Immediate Coverage

When the need for insurance coverage is immediate, the agent with authority from the insurance company may fill out a document obligating the company to provide prompt coverage. This document, which is called a “binder,” may be tendered before the policyholder has even paid any part of the premium, and it will remain in effect until the actual policy is issued.

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