Is Your Landscaping Contractor Insured for Snow Removal?

2.8.13  Has Nemo got you calling out “uncle”?   Are you trying to find someone to plow your driveway for the first time? The stress of dealing with this huge amount of snow may have you flagging down a snowplow truck this weekend.  Keep in mind that you should still ask the contractor if they have the correct commercial auto insurance to protect against the cost of accidents.  What kind of insurance should they have?
A common mistake is to assume that companies that are insured for services such as landscaping/paving etc. are also insured for snow removal. In truth, the majority of policies for such services do not generally cover snow and ice management. A strong, professional contractor will have specific insurance for their snow removal operations.   It is also a good idea to have a written agreement or contract with the snowplow contractor.  A good provider will always create a contract that defines the desired level of service. (i.e. – how many inches before plowing begins; where to place excess snow, etc).   It will also actually help the contractor obtain a better rate on his insurance if the jobs they perform  are in writing! And if you are a contractor that plows and removes ice and snow – after you rest up from the marathon of plowing – check with Scott Insurance to see you have the best coverage for the best price!
Snow-plow-white-truck snow-plow-gray-truck snow-plow-newer-red-truck