Manufacturing Equipment Insurance

Do You Have “Equipment Breakdown” Insurance?

The quaint term “Boiler and Machinery” insurance was first created to offer business insurance protection to early manufacturers against a breakdown of mechanical equipment that would cause damage and bring the business to a halt.  Today, with the more complex equipment used in business, this old “B&M” coverage is often referred to as “equipment breakdown” or “machinery and equipment insurance”.  We are not talking about digital machines though, but equipment that operates under pressure or controls, transmits, transforms or uses mechanical or electrical power:(pumps, compressors, turbines, engines and air-conditioning and refrigeration systems).   Most of these policies cover the cost to repair or replace this equipment that breaks down suddenly and accidentally.  The policy may also cover loss of income from these breakdowns.  We invite all production/manufacturing  facilities to call Scott Insurance and review your coverage.  We are expert on auto, home or health policies too.