What is coverage in Travel Insurance

Why You Should Always Vacation with Travel Insurance

While traveling for business may be occurring a little less these days,  that does not mean that corporate travel insurance has been standing still. This coverage is designed to cover many contingencies.  The first concern:  does it cover side trips to visit friends and family while covering the business trip?  Does it cover accidental death and dismemberment, medical evacuation, or repatriation of remains?  Besides these dreadful contingencies – does it cover the more mundane but aggravating trip delay/interruption or delayed or lost baggage?  If you are traveling overseas – out of the country medical insurance might be a wise addition.   A policy can also include security related protections against identity theft, political evacuation and natural disaster services.  Another worst possible scenario: terrorism is actually not excluded under most policies, but war risk often is.    However, if a company knows it has an exposure to a high risk area, specific war risk coverage may be obtained.  Some travel insurance policies offer kidnap and ransom coverage.  Having these types of coverage in place is likely to lead to Happier Travels!  To discuss the best type of coverage when traveling for business – call Scott Insurance to get a quote for advice on the items you should consider including.