Vehicles in Connecticut Still Remain Uninsured Regardless of the Law

It is a requirement that all vehicles registered in Connecticut must be covered by at least minimal liability limits.  However, still one out of 10 vehicles in CT remains uninsured by auto insurance.    And if you are traveling in other states throughout the USA – the percent of uninsured may go higher still.  What’s good to know is that you can include optional limits for this “uninsured motorist”.  This will cover injuries to the owner and passengers of a vehicle caused by an at-fault driver who has insufficient or no liability insurance.  This same coverage can  kick in if the other driver has insurance that does not meet our state-mandated minimum liability requirements.  Keep in mind however, that Collision Coverage must be present in your policy to protect your vehicle damages from an Uninsured Driver or a hit and run.  Call Scott Insurance to review your policy and see if you have any “other guy” issues.