Rear Facing Car Seats Recommended for children until 2 years of age.

The Benefits of Rear-Facing Car Seats

A new finding about rear facing car seats will help anyone who is in charge of transporting young infants and toddlers in their automobiles.  This updated recommendation is offered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the American Academy of Pediatrics:  Keep children in rear facing car seats until they are TWO years old, instead of the one year.  This is based on evidence taken from 5 years of U.S. crash data showing that one year olds are 5 times less likely to suffer injury if they are in rear facing seat than a forward facing seat.  This is because toddelers have relatively large heads and small necks.  This makes them more susceptible to the spinal cord injuries that result from the force of a car crash that jerks their heads violently.  So best to keep them looking backwards for the first two years of their lives – which will save you money on auto insurance as well.