Getting Plenty of Rest to Prevent Sleeping at the Wheel

A lot of focus has been given to drunk drivers and the dangers of their actions.  But don’t underestimate the equally dangerous problem of sleepy drivers.  Studies show that drivers that are drunk or sleepy are both TWICE as likely to be responsible for a motor vehicle accident which raises auto insurance rates to a high level.  Missing just four hours of sleep produces as much impairment as drinking a six-pack other studies have shown.  And the loss of an entire night’s sleep produces an effect that is equal to a blood-alcohol content of 0.19!*  Of course, drinking coffee or taking a nap is not a substitute for getting a good night’s sleep.  And there is no equivalent “breathalyzer” test to know when that dangerous “nodding off”  starts, so drivers must make their own decisions about not driving while sleepy. And keep in mind that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that younger drivers age 16-24 were nearly twice as likely to be involved in a drowsy driving crash as drivers age 40-59.;

*You are legally intoxicated in Connecticut  if your blood alcohol is .08 or above!